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The Skin Glow Trio, a must-have collection for achieving a radiant and even complexion. This powerful trio includes three specially formulated products that work together to help lighten dark spots, even skin tone, and soften the skin. Our gentle yet effective ingredients are designed to target hyperpigmentation and discoloration, leaving your skin looking more luminous and youthful. With regular use, this trio can help to reveal a more vibrant and radiant complexion, while also enhancing the overall texture and softness of your skin. Say hello to glowing, healthy skin with the Skin Glow Trio.


  • Shea Body Oil 4oz

    Turmeric+Lemon Shea Sugar Scrub 8oz

    Turmeric+Lemon Mask 4oz

    Applicator for mask

    Reusable tote bag

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