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Bag includes: clear reusable bag with handle, bath soak, bath & body oil, face mask, soaking bag to add bath soak & wooden scooping spoon.


Lavender- CALM- Great for deep relaxation, anxiety, depression & clearing the mind. Bath soak ingredients: Epsom salt, himalayan salt, lavender essential oil & botanicals.


Rose- RELAX- Relaxing, relieves stress & skin moisturizer. Bath soak ingredients: Epsom salt, himalayan salt, rose essential oil & botanicals


Chamomile- SOOTHE- Good for eczema, dry skin, skin irritation & psoriasis. Bath soak ingredients: Epsom salt, himalayan salt, oat milk, colloidal oatmeal & calendula essential oil.


Bath & Body Oil ingredients - Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, essential oil & botanicals. 


All oils and bath soaks are made with 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils.


Bath soaks are a great way to relieve muscle aches and pain, relieve stress and tension, help you to relax and softens skin.


Tip: When applying essential oils to the skin they are most effective on pulse points. Bottom of the feet, temples, palms, wrists and chest.


Tip: Add bath soak to foot spa to relieve sore achy feet.


Tip: You can add the bath & body oil in the tub with the bath soak for moisture.


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